Event Themes

Future Food Systems explores what’s on the emerging horizon for food systems. Through a systemic lens, it makes connections across various themes to explore how their interconnectedness can support the sector in delivering urgent transformation at scale.


Scaling Regenerative Agriculture

This session will explore ways to unlock the potential of collaborative action a across a diverse group of stakeholders to deliver regenerative systems at scale. It will also explore the relationship between regenerative agriculture and indigenous knowledge.

Sustainable Energy

Accelerating Race to Zero Commitments

This session will move beyond the hype of positive headlines to address the most pressing challenges facing the food sector on its Net Zero journey – from ingredients to packaging to manufacturing, storage, and distribution. It will explore how companies can harness Net Zero ambitions to build a regenerative and just food system that puts more back than it takes from nature and society. 


Innovating at Pace to Drive Traceability & Transparency 

This session will explore how stakeholders in the food system can collaborate to accelerate data-driven traceability and transparency across complex supply chains in a way that is widely accessible and democratized. It will also examine the role of data in driving an equitable and sustainable food value chain. Finally, it will address the role of policy support and investment to create an enabling environment.

Wheat Field

Sustainable Production & Consumption – Advancing the Shift to a Circular Food System

This session will address the global disconnect between consumption and production levels, highlighting innovative approaches to eliminate food waste and drive the adoption of a circular food system.

Vegan Bowl

Influencing Consumer Behavior Change

This session will explore innovative solutions to engage people to be part of the transformative change needed. It will unpick consumers’ changing attitudes towards food, health and climate change and address strategies to influence dietary and lifestyle changes – from portion size to food waste to protein consumption. It will also address the optimal regulatory and policy environment to facilitate the shift and drive consumer change. Finally, it will explore the convergence of the health and food industries as demand for personalized wellness expands.

Urban Garden

Future Value Chains & Economic Models (Innovative Approaches)

This session will challenge current assumptions about supply chains and examine the likely winners across various scenarios. It will also explore how innovation, partnerships, and business models can drive the acceleration of a regenerative and just food system.