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Organic Vegetables

About Future Food Systems

Future Food Systems 2024: Igniting Innovation is about optimism and opportunity. 

Now in its third year, the event unites sustainability, supply chain, sourcing, R&D, innovation and nutrition leaders across the food and drink sector to harness innovative thinking, technology, and financial models to transform current systems.

Informed by futures thinking, the content examines what’s on the emerging horizon for food systems. Through a systemic lens, it makes connections across various themes to demonstrate how their interconnectedness can support the sector in igniting innovation to deliver sustainable nutrition at scale.


Unlocking Innovation in the Value Chain:

A Systems Approach 

Explore the potential of technologies, innovations, and partnerships to reshape the existing food system.

Solving the Protein Puzzle 

Explore novel protein sources and how they might work together to boost food security, ease the cost of living, and provide planet-friendly options for a growing population. 

Realising the Full Potential of Regenerative Agriculture 

Explore the role of financial incentives, collaboration, and education to promote change at landscape level.

 Changing Consumer Habits:

Health, Nutrition & Innovation 

Explore the potential of recipe reinvention and labelling to empower consumers to make informed choices.

About Us

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