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Speaker Interview: Juliane Caillouette-Noble

Get to know the thought leaders sharing their insights at the Future Food Systems event (25-26 January, Online | 2 March, London) in our dedicated speaker interview series.


Independent Forums: What is your favorite food?

Juliane Caillouette-Noble: I believe deeply that ‘favorite’ is all relative when it comes to food — so many things can influence favorite! The moment, the mood, the room, the company. And though most foods have a time and a place for me, the cuisine that I come back to again and again as the food of my soul as a Southern California girl with Mexican roots is Mexican food.

Independent Forums: Who or what has inspired you this year and why?

Juliane Caillouette-Noble: The resilience of restaurants over the past 18 months has inspired me beyond belief. Restaurants have been forced to adapt and change from one day to the next to cope with the challenges of a global pandemic and the self-inflicted effects of Brexit. And yet their commitment to feeding the community, supporting their suppliers, creating hospitality experiences that charm and delight despite not being able to open their doors has been endlessly inspiring. Beyond that, every single working parent that has made it through the last 18 months of lockdowns and school closures and navigated these strange times with small humans at home deserves a huge hug from me.

Independent Forums: What is your biggest source of motivation?

Juliane Caillouette-Noble: The challenges that the world is facing are vast. The climate crisis is existential for both humanity and the future of our planet--- and yet, as I like to repeat to my small children: We can do hard things! I am motivated by the idea of creating a better world for our children to inherit, and am inspired daily by the ingenuity of the human spirit and our ability to adapt and problem solve.

Independent Forums: How would you describe a typical day?

Juliane Caillouette-Noble: I have two small children, so any given day feels overwhelmingly full and a bit of a blur at the moment. But my work days vary dramatically - from hosting roundtables with our restaurants to engaging new partners or speaking at events and supporting our team to deliver sustainability strategies and rating certifications.

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Juliane Caillouette-Noble: My background is actually in Education--- I came to working in food because it was unfathomable to me to expect children to learn when they have not eaten well.

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about your organization that you wish more people knew?

Juliane Caillouette-Noble: That we are a small but nimble team who are always eager to help.

Independent Forums: Where do you see the biggest opportunity for transformation within the food system?

Juliane Caillouette-Noble: We wouldn’t be the Sustainable Restaurant Association if I didn’t truly believe that restaurants, chefs, and dining out can be a force for good. We believe that chefs have the ability to inspire through delicious food, while supporting better supply chains, better farming, and changing hearts and minds along the way.

Independent Forums: What are you most looking forward to at Future Food Systems 2022?

Juliane Caillouette-Noble: To meeting other like-minded game changers.


Juliane will be speaking in the 'Sustainable Production & Consumption – Advancing the Shift to a Circular Food System' session on 26 January 2022.

Register here to join the conversation.


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