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Speaker Interview: Rich Clothier

Get to know the thought leaders sharing their insights at the Future Food Systems event (25-26 January, Online | 2 March, London) in our dedicated speaker interview series.


Independent Forums: What is your favorite food?

Rich Clothier: Cheese of course, any cheese, blue cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, anything! I love trying cheeses.

Independent Forums: Who or what has inspired you this year and why?

Rich Clothier: Rafferty, my Labrador. His enthusiasm is endless. How can you have the same breakfast for seven years and be so excited about it every time? He loves everyone and everything. He has loved lockdown and having everyone around all of the time.

Independent Forums: What is your biggest source of motivation?

Rich Clothier: I’m motivated by the potential to make change within our industry, do things differently and provide practical environmental solutions for shoppers who care (and those that don’t!).

Independent Forums: How would you describe a typical day?

Rich Clothier: My day is a mixture of talking to customers in UK and abroad, grading cheese, talking through issues with our management teams and talking to farmers.

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Rich Clothier: I’m 12 months into a fitness drive, it’s not obvious because, like my Labrador, I love food. 😊

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about your organization that you wish more people knew?

Rich Clothier: We make the most fantastic carbon neutral Vintage cheddar, to my Grandmother Ivy’s recipe called ‘Ivys Vintage’. Our Ivy’s Vintage is exported to 160 countries around the world, not bad for a lady who never left Somerset let alone travelled on a plane!

Independent Forums: Where do you see the biggest opportunity for transformation within the food system?

Rich Clothier: UK farmers are the best in the world. If we can engage them with the help of government and our customers, farming really can save the world.

Independent Forums: What are you most looking forward to at Future Food Systems 2022?

Rich Clothier: Meeting people who want to initiate change and hearing seeds of ideas.


Rich will be speaking in the 'Accelerating Race to Zero Commitments' session on 25 January 2022.

Register here to join the conversation.


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